Thursday, September 6, 2012

Petula, Yard Sales and the Perfect Random Day

WARNING: THE KEEPER OF BLOGS warns that this entry is rawther long, dahlink

It has been awhile. Treatment has ended. My prognosis is good. I am getting my routine back after the year from hell.

Dear Reader,

Perhaps my blog may seem a bit self-indulgent. I make no apologies. I have earned the right to indulge.
I always wanted to be a star, but the problem is I like privacy too much. 
So here I am starring in my own way.

it seems I enjoy sorting and grouping and organizing; it relaxes me
i love to clean and make nice again a lovely old object that was once prized
by someone other than me

yard saleing and estate saleing and thift store saleing 
 never cease to make me happy

for me this activity is
soooo much more than what I might find

It is the ritual of the hunt that I love.

When I was working full time, a morning of yard sales had a way of breaking the previous week's spell.

Thirty-four years of school teaching was so stressful that I was BUZZING by Friday afternoon.

Thank heaven that a Salvation Army was located precisely in the middle of my daily three hour commute. If it had not been for that store and my iPod, I doubt I would have made it to retirement without becoming nothing but a puddle of mush.

a few of my fave finds

janis or jimi would've worn this
leather and fur hippie belt
sexy as hell
circa 1967-1972

One midcentury day ago
Etta loved
her cat
like only another 
gal-cat-lover-of cats

can understand.

She fashioned a furry baby
and put her under

Oh, kitty girl
how I want
to remove
the glass
that encases you
so that I may pet you.

today I am in my standard house outfit
oxford button down
(love guys in oxford shirts)
comfy loose slacks
and my new Merrells

only lipstick today

and my Dyson
honestly they are worth the money
especially if you have pets
my favorite part is the removable plastic
good-bye to vacuum bag smell

loving this oil painting that I picked up for a song at an antique mall in Charlevoix, Michigan
it was the last time I was out with my beloved aunt who passed away over two years ago
we thought it might be Chicago
feels like 1960's
and reminds me of Petula Clark's "Downtown"

Mom took us there
during THE DIVORCE in 1964
We ate at the
"Top of the Rock"
and I had grilled pineapple
which was quite the thing
for a knee-socked girl 
The Midwest

my name is Lil' Bea
I am my Mama's bad girl

and I rearranged my jewelry box 
which is actually
an old
silverware containers
I found for
two bucks

 My lovely squash blossom from a Christmas in New Mexico
 Photo of my Great Aunt Ruth and my grandmother Pearl circa 1906
 My grandmother Pauline Sophia on her high school graduation.

Until later. 
Enjoy each moment.

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