Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Washing Dishes at Fifteen

Venice, Florida

Long time no see, Blog Girl.

What happened is that my leg healed, and I got my life back.

And I have been driving and walking and being able to pull weeds and stuff.

And what is true is that my routines are my guide through each day, and I could not rely on them when I could not walk, so I turned to writing to pass the time.

Yes, I like to write, and I need to express myself if only to the anonymous reader, but if I was going to write well it would take too much time, so today I am just writing just because it feels good.

My routines save me from myself in lots of ways.

And maybe I will get back to more regular postings because I won't have to try so hard to sound like my writing is good.

Because in this, my sixtieth year, I am trying hard to let go of much of the perfectionist trip which was strangling my insides.

So I might just start posting whatever comes up that seems important to post.

And that will be enough.

Because I am enough, and you dear reader are enough.

How long and curvy the road to acceptance of oneself.



And now a little Judy Garland to cure what ails ye. She always does the trick for me.