Saturday, June 2, 2012

Got it Yet?

would of thought you would have got it by now, Missy

That's Cracklin' talking to me there.

when you gonna get that you all you got?

when you gonna stop thinking' you suppose to be some kind of


you wanna stay in bed most of the day and read your book?
go right ahead, darlin'

you wanna live with dishes piled high in sink?
your list of "To Do's stuck to the floor by the kitty's hair ball?
go right ahead, darlin'

Donna often said, "Paula, you are too hard on yourself".

Now Donna- she herself is losing her own eyesight.

Donna saw when you did not.

It is time to see, Paula
Ok. Cancer sucks and all that, and I only had to go to the doc once this week. Next week I go two times.
The weeks in which I don't have to go to the place and be reminded of this situation I really dig.

After treatment is over I will be on my merry way to strings of days in which spontaneity trumps all.
I am having a random day today. I am doing whatever I feel like. It is truly amazing it seems I get more done on my random days than on my structured day. Go figure.

I like to glide from one project to the next as the mood moves me. Today I am putting together two lamps I bought at IKEA. I love the shape. One will hang above each of our recliners that set in front of the big screen tv which I must admit I have grown to love a bit too much. TV and movies offer escape, and escape is a very welcome thing right night.

I watched the total season of "Once Upon a Time". Really cute, creative, fun and fantastical. Old familiar classic storybook characters have a parallel self in the modern world. I truly though I would hate this because I have never been much into fantasy, but I gave it a try, and I am glad that I did.

I am going to post some photos of interior objects that I really love. All of these are in my home.