Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cracklin' Anny Pays Paula a Visit

Was eight in the morning on my birthday

Voice inside said you hang in the hole today

In the hole I don't bathe or brush my teeth

In the hole I don't try to make nice

The hole don't have no Warm Fuzzies or Smiley Faces

It got no course in compulsive positive thinking.

Here what it do got:

It got my real

The walls are plastered with icky gold-veined mirror panels

Keep me starin' back at myself everywhere

I stare so long that I see behind myself

Seein' behind myself

Hole is scary

Hole is about my Edge

Hole is about following my gut

I flash on the old lady

Who runs down Florida Avenue

She got pigtails and a backpack on

I see the guy who boogie woogies

In the median

At Florida and East Fowler

I figure it is about time

To get out of the place

I am afraid about what may happen

If I step over the Edge

Cracklin' Anny she shows up

She backs me up hard

Against the gold-veined mirrored wall

She is mad

And she has a good

Tongue-lashing for me

Let us listen to what she has to say:

"You push me back

Say I ain't nice to look at

Say I don't act right

Say you embarrassed of me"

"You treat me like refugee

But I been here whole time

Anny on your side

She got your back"

"I got some things to say

But you never listen

This time you listen

Time runnin' out"

"Your house too clean

You used to sleep in bed with kitty fur, cookie crumbs and paper piles

You happier then"

"You been thinkin' moresn' good for you

Been thinking all you life

You stop now"

"You hoop- dee- do girl

You kick it up more, you hear

You ain't nice girl"

"Nice girl smiles when she wants to cry

Nice girl agrees when she really mean fuck off

Nice girl goes along when she really want to go away"

"That ain't you

Don't mean you bad

Mean you grown-up

You sixty now"

Doris Day


  1. This is very creative, Paula. I think it a big 10. The 'voice" is there. Melanie

  2. Gosh, thanks. I went back and forth on this one. Yes, the "voice"- finding the voice. Hard.
    You should start one.