Monday, February 4, 2013

My Love Song to Sue

You were a bit of  a sprite
in those last days.
I lay  at the end of your bed,
and I asked if you knew how much I loved you.

And you said you wanted me to tell you how much.
So I told you that if I were to paint a picture of my love
it would be of a place where the sky is always violet
and proud blue spruces stand tall.

Later I made reference to a Downton Abbey  plot detail
you had not yet watched. You looked me in the eye and said, "Busted!
We giggled a bit. Then you let out a Sueism.
"If I have to die, I will die funny".

Jolly times we surely shared.
We had a little ritual for a spell there in the '90's
in which we would greet one another
by breaking into a silly dance: we never needed music to dance.

Hard times we shared too.
Walks and talks in which tears
and confidences were exchanged.
You were my for better or for worse friend.

You walked your talk, my girl.
And I adored you for that.
You could tune an engine and wield a hack saw
as well as the next guy. And I was in awe of that.

Well, okay there.
You go girl; you go funny
'cause funny is good.
 Zip-A- Dee-Doo- Dah- lady- friend- of -mine

For every dance step I take, I'll do one for you.
For each beach day I have, I'll send you a sun ray.
But if you were to ask me, my sweet girl,
more than dying funny, you died strong.

There will come a day when the skies
will open to hues of purple and aqua and
orange and red.
And we all who loved you shall cast our eyes upward.

If we look real hard, we shall see
a chariot drawing itself across the heavens.
A regal woman rests upon a golden chair.
And her name is Sue, Queen of Serendipity.

                                                     Sue and Paula August, 2012
Weeki Wachee River

Sue wheeling me through Lettuce Lake Park
Summer, 2011
Our yard sale at Sue's house

Playing Dress-up sometime in the 80's

At twenty-eight years old when I first met her.

Dancing Crazy

Paula, Sue and June
"Bad Taste In Outer Space"


  1. Paula- Your words are perfect.. as was your love, devotion, friendship and awe of Sue. She was awesome . I am blessed to also have shared so many years with her... and I share your loss. Thank you for eloquently sharing Sue's amazing impact on your life and so many. Love to you dear one, Vicki

  2. There is nothing right about Sue having to die. I really can't stand to think of it. I liked the pictures you picked out, Paula.