Friday, October 5, 2012

When Trouble Comes a Callin'

When Trouble comes a callin',
We must do our proudest best
To tell it to mind its business.
And to remember that we are the ones
Who call the shots!

We should yell 
at the top of our lungs
We will remind ourselves
That we have the strength 
to make it through.

We will believe in beauty.
We will believe in love.
We will believe in music, good books and high thoughts.
We will remember that things are always changing.
And we will take comfort in that thought.

One of my fave 50's gals.
"Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams"
Cogi Grant

The view from the bedroom. I have a park that we call a backyard- right in the city!

I play music most of the day.
Music is my drug of choice.
All she wants to do is dance.

And who in the hell said an older woman
can't wear long hair- Bah, me in "I kiss my cat on the mouth t-shirt".

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