Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Smooooth Day

Yep, tis a smooth day that nourishes me. A smooth day is one in which there are no unplanned interruptions.

A smooth day means I can work to music in the yard AND in the house. I am a tad obsessive- NO, MORE THAN A TAD, but it is my cross to bear. I like my obsessiveness more than I dislike it, for it allows me to pay attention to the details of my day however mundane that day may be.

Today I got to enjoy putting my kitty Patti on her newly washed blanket which was still warm from the dryer. She was in such ecstasy that she simply cooed like a dove. And I got  to work in my yard early enough to hear a real dove coo. That coo- a faraway but so familiar a sound  - paradoxical like so much in life is; it is both haunting and comforting.

I have really got a lot of stuff accomplished around the house today. I like that feeling- accomplishment. That is something that I want in a day. I have no complaints. Today is the most normal I have felt in a long time. Normal is good.

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