Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 87th Circle of Broken Leg Hell

And welcome to my world, dear reader. That was quite a break I took from the blog, but that is because I was LIVING my life. Oh my, in the five weeks between broken legs I did have a good time.
Oooh, there were so many wonderful things I did. I planted winter annuals. Dan and I celebrated out twenty -fifth with a few very fine and very good old-as in duration- and YEAH old too 'cept for one who is a mere fifty-something.
Oh, and I garage sales and found some groovy things while visions of PROFITS danced in my head.
Always looking to turn a profit- always looking for a return, and aren't we all? I know this girl is.

I cleaned my house inside and outside from top to bottom. I got my porch floor so clean that it make me feel stupid.
I walked with my tunes around my sweet old tract houses- for Gi's- after WW II- neighborhood. I rejoiced in the comfort I took by passing by the houses that have remained the same during the
thirty years in which my husband and I have lived in this place- our modest, but oh so lovely and loved pale pink concrete block 1953 home. Our home. My home. The only home I have ever had that really felt like home.

I have a home. It took almost forty years, but after living that long I finally carved out a place that is love. Love in every piece of sweat and slow progress that Dan and I have put into N. Edison.

Tangent time. Tangent time.
My whole life has been on TANGENT TIME.

My angle was never right.
I was born obtuse.

Made wrong
not a Right angle
straight and easy

obtuse angle
and unpredictable

Broken Ankle
Time to blog

So mad about this second break in five months
I just spewed venom for three hours
as I tried to maneuver through house chores
with one leg stuck in cement

I cussed so much that I gave myself
And that was a lot of cussing because I was raised by a mother who taught me how to cuss really well.
Always had a dirt mouth
My dirty mouth
gives me a few private little chuckles now and then

Later. Back Season 4 of Six Feet Under
watching it the second time around

Great show. I adore Frances Conroy!

and a snippet of conversation between Nat and his dead dad.

Nate: "The idea of forty more years."

Dead Father: "The next forty years will fly by; it will be over before you know it."

Nate: Time flies when you are having fun, Huh?"

Dad: "No, time flies when you are pretending to have fun. Times flies when you are pretending to know what people mean when they say, "love.". Let's face it, buddy boy. There are two kinds of people in the world. There is you and everybody else. And never the twain shall meet."

Hey, don't pretend to know for sure what this means, but it is intriguing.



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